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What happens when my free trial expires?
Your free trial does not have an expiration date. However, during the free trial you can only create one assignment and grade up to 99 essays for that assignment.

You have two options for unlimited access EssayTagger licenses:

  1. Get your administrator excited about EssayTagger. Begin by sharing this slideshow that highlights our data collection and analysis features. Hopefully this will help to convince your administrator to purchase licenses for your department.

  2. Or you can pay for a subscription yourself, but we consider this an option of last resort. EssayTagger is a tool that ought to be provided to teachers by their administrators.

Either way the essays and evaluations that you created during your free trial will all remain accessible to you; we never delete data or accounts unless requested to do so.

How much does EssayTagger cost?
Pricing is per-teacher and costs $20/month. Each license includes unlimited use of the system: unlimited assignments, students, and graded essays.

The ideal scenario is to have your administrator purchase a year-long license for you and your colleagues.

You or your administrator can complete our group license request form for a formal quote. The quote will be for full school year licenses that are billed in a single invoice. Quotes are pro-rated based on the remaining length of the school year.

Personal licenses can be purchased if school funds are unavailable. Personal licenses are billed as a monthly subscription at the same $20/month rate.

This is too expensive!
Keith here.

We're doing everything we can to encourage administrators to purchase licenses for their departments. We firmly believe that EssayTagger is a valuable resource that should be provided by a school to its teachers.

You can help this process along by showing your administrator this slideshow that highlights our data collection and analysis features.

However, we know how difficult it can be to convince administrators to find extra budget resources. We offer the individual monthly subscription option for those teachers who need this solution but cannot wait for their administrators to come around or for funding to magically appear in the budget. Understand that we consider personal subscription accounts our least favorite option.

As for the pricing level itself, we see EssayTagger as a win-win-win that benefits teachers, administrators, and -- of course -- students. There is no other tool out there that can do what EssayTagger can do. Our service offering has expanded at an incredible pace since our launch at NCTE in 2011 and we are confident that we offer schools an unmatched bang for the buck.